Best Wishes for a Bright and Happy New Year!

may your coming year

Getting ready to say goodbye to 2013. Having one of those flashback experiences we go through on this day, New Year’s Eve, savoring the highs and reflecting (but not dwelling!) on the lows. Giving thanks to the many special friends in my life, even if virtual, and also to my very supportive husband and mother, who helped me blossom….like that lotus in muddy water. THANK YOU!

I have a gift for you, via another blogger I discovered through a Facebook friend. It’s a great little workbook to set your intentions for 2014, while reflecting on this past year.

From the words of the song “Broken Wings” by Robin Lane: “I’m not afraid to feel my pain, I’m letting hope and love replace my shame………….I can change my life.”

I have, and so can you!

Wishing you nothing but bright light, peace, love, joy and blessings!



One Day She Woke Up and Decided………

one day

One Day She Woke Up and Decided………

Today I woke up and decided that how I was living was more important than what I saw in the mirror. Am I living an authentic life? Do I freely express myself and laugh throughout the day? Do I open up and share joy with others? Well then, GREAT JOB! I have everything I need. Thank you.

When thinking about this, I recall seeing some art that expresses similar feelings of “One Day She Woke Up and Decided….” so I Googled it and found a nice treasure chest of affirmations in this link.

Find one that resonates with you today and CELEBRATE!

Blessings for beautiful day! ‚ô•

Join Me!


Wow, look at this! I feel so free, like the woman in this picture! That’s my spirit, trapped in this body. I am so inspired by so many incredible women in my life, including those I never met (like authors, musicians, photographers,¬†artists and more!). I am going to test this out and warm up to hosting a blog site to post inspirational messages and experiences that help me in my journey, in hopes it may help those traveling with me. With lots of love and light! — Bonnie