Today’s Gifts: Find Your Voice….and Your Mantra!


Part of my wanting to have a blog is to share all the cool stuff I find that I think might be enjoyed by some of my friends. Today I found TWO really cool things!

One is a great product line from a Foster, RI-based company that confirms: “What we focus our attention on is what we experience.”

Click this link and be prepared for WOW!:

I shared a tip on Facebook last week about the power of positive affirmations. I suggested making your computer password be a positive statement to yourself. It could be just one word, but one that resonates, like “Courageous” if you’re feeling threatened. My computer at work locks out all the time so all day long I am reminding myself and feeding myself energy for courageous and positive action. Try it!

The second gift today was a very powerful post from another blogger who I just discovered today. It’s about finding your voice and owning it! It was so refreshing, gutsy and edgy that I just had to share. It goes with “Courageous!”

Oh, one more thing! Speaking of finding your voice and being courageous, check out this article about my husband’s 22-year-old nephew who found his voice and is living his dream! Great job Kevin, we are so proud of you!

Hope these first couple days of 2014 have treated you well. Feel free to share your intention for this coming year!

Peace out!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Gifts: Find Your Voice….and Your Mantra!

  1. As I always say, Bonnie, you are by far my most positive facebook friend so this blog is absolutely perfect for you! Good luck! ~Bobbie

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